God of His Word

When studying the culture of the Mibu people, one of the questions I asked over and over was, “To you, what is a good person like”?  One of the answers that came up often was “A good person is someone who says, ‘I’m going to do such and such’, and then they really do it”.  Mibu people place a high value on following through with promises.  Then, just like us, they often struggle living up to that ideal.

Thankfully our God is perfect and always does what he says.  This has been a major theme that we have brought out over and over throughout the continuing story we are sharing with the Mibu people every morning. We are teaching on the Israelites being enslaved in Egypt and God’s miraculous intervention to set them free.  We continually point them back to Genesis 15:13-14 about how God predicted to Abraham hundreds of years prior all that was going to happen.  God keeps His promises!

Even with “little” things.  God told Moses he would send Aaron to help communicate God’s words to the Israel people and to Pharaoh.  Just as he promised, so he did.  In big things and little, God is emerging as a God of His word in the hearts of the Mibu people.  Several people have even expressed privately that they think that maybe Moses is the promised Deliverer sent to save them from their sins.  They are looking and waiting for Him!!

For His Glory,

PS Several more people in the village are very sick.  Many think it may be TB, which is highly contagious and deadly without treatment.  There is often not TB medicine available at the aid station a day and a half’s walk from here.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Thank you.