Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Do people

We have finished one week of the gospel teaching! Each day, Zach has taught for about an hour and there have been many faithful listeners.

Each day after the teaching, I have posted on social media a couple pictures and a quick summary of each day’s lesson. For those of you who do not use social media, I will try to jump on here each weekend and post them here too.

Also, Amelia has committed to posting several video updates each week for the team. She will post them on her youtube channel, so you can subscribe here if you would like to see those: Amelia Brink

Day 1: Zach set the stage for the rest of the teaching by talking about God’s Word, the Bible. Here, people have so many questions and so many opinions on man, God, creation, sin, spirits, etc… How do we know the truth? We must go to God’s Word to hear the truth from God himself.

Day 2: First Zach answered some wrong thinking from the day before: “Zach is a prophet.” “Zach knows because he has seen Moses.” We created a simple timeline to explain how long ago Moses lived. And we explained that Zach is not a prophet, but a preacher.

After that, the lesson was about the six days of creation. There are many creation beliefs here. Most people here believe that some part of nature created the ancestors of all the different clans – a certain tree created one ancestor while a pig created another, etc. So on Day 2 Zach read and explained the Biblical account of God’s creation of the world.

Day 3: Who is God? This day Zach read the first part of Genesis to show all that we can learn about God from just that one chapter of the Bible. 1. He has always existed and is independent of his creation. 2. He is a spirit. 3. He is a person but not like us. We are made in his image, but we are not God. 4. He is one, and He is three.

Those who have Pidgin Bibles or the print outs of Genesis in Do, are sitting with these and reading along with Zach as they are able.

Day 4: God Created Adam and Eve. We have heard some interesting views about man, about black people and white people, and about the marriage relationship. In this lesson, Zach read and explained Genesis 2.

Day 5: Satan. Today, Zach taught from Genesis and Revelation to introduce some truths about Satan. Over the years of living here, we have learned many of their beliefs about evil spirits. Basically: spirits are feared, and people here believe there are many in the jungle. Today Zach was able to begin showing them what we know is true about Satan: namely, that he is NOT God and that he IS an enemy.

Next week Zach will continue teaching through Genesis.

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