Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Do people

Due to a funeral, we didn’t teach on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. During these mourning days, we spoke with some of the leaders, who were upset that the teaching was disrupted. They thought we were going to skip those lessons! We assured them that we will not skip any lessons, but we agreed to teach two lessons on Friday and another on Sunday afternoon.

Also during these conversations we got to hear them share how many new things they are learning: “I didn’t know that Adam was with Eve when she sinned. I always thought he was far away, Eve ate the fruit, then she went and found him and tricked him into eating.” “I didn’t know that the forbidden fruit was actually a fruit and not a picture of something else.” “I didn’t know the Bible says we all came from humans and no one came from nature.”

This is what we taught through this week:

Day 6 – Adam and Eve Sin. Moving the story along, on Monday Zach read and explained Genesis 3. The main point of the lesson was that Adam and Eve (and by extension: we) can not do anything to pay for/cover up sin.

Day 7&8: In these lessons, Zach read thru Genesis 3&4 and explained the curse that God gave for Adam and Eve’s disobedience, and then the story of Cain killing Abel. He was able to touch on many important concepts: why is the world not good anymore, God doesn’t just give mercy (but also judgment), all people are under this curse, belief, and promises. In the pic below, we started the promises chart where we will track promises God makes and later show where they are fulfilled. (This one shows the promise from Genesis 3:15).

Day 9-Adam’s Genealogy. In this lesson we saw that all of Adam’s descendants die (except Enoch), Zach re-confirmed that all people came from Adam, and he introduced heaven and hell. As Zach read through the genealogy, he also reminded us that these people were waiting for the promised child and he asked: is it Cain? Seth? Lamech? Etc… some think maybe it is Noah, so Zach told them he will share Noah’s story tomorrow and we will find out. (In the pic below, he crossed out names to show that these men were not the promised child, He is yet to come. ;))

Excuse our torn and ripped back tarp – we needed more shade! 🙂

Stay tuned for next week’s lesson updates. Such an exciting time!

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