Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Do people

Gospel teaching week 3 update:

Day 10: Zach shared from Genesis 6 about life at the time of Noah. We saw the many ways in which the people were sinning and realized that we sin against God in those same ways. (More and more people have been staying afterward to ask questions and share their thoughts.)

Day 11: Today Zach talked about Noah and the flood. It was an introduction to the concept of belief: when Noah knew God’s words were true, that was belief; when he obeyed and built the ark, that was the fruit of his belief.

Day 12-Today Zach shared how the flood came to an end, and shared God’s promise to never flood the earth again. The focus was on how God is both just and merciful; and that He always keeps his word.

Day 13-Noah and His Sons. Today we talked about how, after the flood, people are still mortal and immoral. We also addressed a belief here that they are Ham’s descendants and therefore under his curse and white people are not.

Day 14-Tower of Babel. Zach continued to move the story of the Bible along and answered the question of why there are different languages in the world. Amelia set up a drama where we spoke to different kids in languages they don’t understand (Do, English, Afrikaans) and told them to build something.

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