Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Do people

Here is what Zach taught through this week:

Day 15-Review. Today Zach reviewed all that he has taught so far. There have been many good questions each day. Picture below is Zach with two guys who came to ask questions after the lesson today. With all of their questions, he points them back to God’s Word: reading the Bible is the only way we can figure out which beliefs are true. It is a huge paradigm shift for our friends here to compare peoples’ talk with what the Bible says and to not just accept man’s opinions as authoritative.

Day 16-God’s Promise to Abram. God promised to Abraham to give him an heir and through his descendants to bless all the earth. We made a genealogy from Adam to Jesus and here Yosong is looking at the portion Zach put out today to see the lineage from Adam to Abram. We also added to the promise chart: The Promised Child will be a Descendant of Abram.

Day 17- Sodom and Gomorrah. One big point today was this: just like many didn’t believe God’s warning and words in the time of Noah, so Lot’s sons-in-law also didn’t believe the warning of their time. Over and over Zach shares how none of these men (Noah, Lot, etc) and no one today is good and does only right, so how will we be made right with God? We haven’t gotten to that part of the Bible, so we just keep telling them to come and hear all the lessons and we will find out the answer.

Day 18: Abraham and Isaac. God gave the baby he promised, then later tested Abraham and provided a substitute. Amelia organized a drama that was helpful for everyone to picture the scene of Abraham called to sacrifice his son and the angel intervening. PC: Elna Mitchell ❤️

Day 19: Abraham Dies, but God is Everlasting, so the Promise Still Stands. Today Zach shared about Jacob and Esau’s birth, Jacob tricking Esau and Isaac, and Jacob’s name being changed to Israel. We have seen that none of the people in these stories do only good, so they are receiving kindness from God not for their own good, but because GOD is good.

Next week we will finish Genesis and begin Exodus!

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