Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Do people

Day 20-The Story of Joseph. Though there are problems and Joseph’s brothers do wrong, God has a plan to save his people during the famine.

Day 21: God is Keeping His Promises to Israel Despite Slavery in Egypt. Pharaoh wanted all baby boys killed, but God will preserve his people through an Israelite brought up in Pharaoh’s own household.

Day 22: God Sends Moses to Egypt to Lead His People Out. Zach shared about God calling Moses through the burning bush and then answering Moses’ many excuses. People have told us that Moses had to remove his sandals because he had to remove his sin. Zach asked them about this thinking and asked them to read again what the Bible says: Moses had to remove his sandals because God told him to; and he said the ground was holy. That is it. Moses is still a sinner coming before a holy God. People have been asking better and better (more pertinent and weighty) questions. The pic below is Zach reading more of the Pidgin Bible in answering some of the questions: Was that tree in Eden real? Why was Joseph in prison? Why are we skipping some stories from the Bible? He has enjoyed bringing them back again and again to God’s Word to answer them.

Day 23: Plagues in Egypt. God chose to show his power to the Egyptians through the plagues and his power to the Israelites through delivering them. In the end, Zach asked: Why hasn’t God destroyed us like He destroyed the Egyptans? How can we have peace with God?

Day 24: Passover and Parting of the Red Sea. It was weighty to share how God saw the lamb’s blood and passed over the houses of the Israelites, but didn’t see the blood on the door posts of the Egyptians. Amelia planned a small drama. Jude asked his “dad” Muwe why he was painting the posts and he explained God’s instructions. Som, the Egyptian told his son that they have different gods that can protect them… Zach made the point that no one could choose to trust in anything else and still be safe (being good, being an Israelite, etc). This was the second glimpse of a substitute dying in someone’s place.

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