Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Ndo people

Our literacy class has been going smoothly! We have successfully finished the pre-literacy book, as well as the first primer book (of three). Here are some pictures and a video of our class from the last two months:

Amelia has been helping me in class each day, and Elna stepped in for her when Amelia was on break. They grade the students’ homework and read with the struggling students. They also help me tutor after class.

On Monday, when we were finishing book 1, Zach came in to make an announcement to the class. From now on, we would begin training people to teach. Four men had emerged as potential future teachers and Zach shared their names as well as the names of two potential overseers. We encouraged them all, too, that they have worked hard to finish half the class already!

Today we began book 2. But before we dove in, I had each of the students come up and read the story they had written during their two-day break. I am SO proud of them, especially those who were totally illiterate before the class began!

And then after class today I held the first teacher training. I said that starting Monday, the four of them would begin helping with parts of the class. First, I taught them some basics of teaching. I said they must come early on their day to set up, showed them how to mark attendance, and then explained how they can do a good job in the areas in which they are to help. After that, I explained how to sit patiently with another student who is learning to read (i.e. don’t read FOR them) and talked, again, about making sure to never shame a new reader. Finally I cast a little vision about the class: they must not laugh at each other, but rather encourage one another to be the best teachers. “Your fellow teacher will be teaching your brothers, your wife, and later, your children, to read!” Here they are practicing:

In my last literacy post, I introduced three of my students. Here is a little bio on three more:

Meet Sarapo. Sarapo is a widower two times and has no children. He is soft spoken and was illiterate before the class began. He has been working hard and is keeping up great.

Meet Yase. He has six children (four still living) and eight grandchildren. He is known for being the funny guy. I never really saw this in person until we began class. Many of his jokes are still lost on me (being a non-native speaker!), but he is the guy in the back of the class who will intentionally read out of turn with the rest of us. We will be in unison “bo, bi, be, bu, ba” and he is in the back just chiming in at the wrong times. Hah! He had some schooling and knowledge of reading before class, but is learning a lot about writing and reading in his own language. He will hopefully be one of our literacy school overseers.

Meet Kenimo. He is a father to five children. He takes great pride in his writing and it shows in his penmanship. He is fairly shy and brand new to reading and writing, but doing great!

So thankful that the literacy class is going well so far. Looking forward to the day when they can read God’s Word in their own language!

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