Dear Hardaway Prayer Posse,

Spiritual warfare is real.  We have an enemy who hates us with an unrelenting fury.  He cunningly lies and deceitfully whispers.  He plays to our egos, our lusts, our ambitions.  He parades in front of us our fears, our wounds, and our failures.  And when all that proves ineffective, he moves others to stand in our way and create roadblocks that hinder our ability to be productive for the One who has saved us from all this.

And that is why we need you.  We need you to stand in the gap for us.  We need you to advocate for us, to call down the forces of heaven to fight the battle that rages all around us in the world that is unseen and very real—more real than the world we can see, for the world that is visible will melt away into nothingness when He who made it shakes the whole world with His Voice.

So pray with us.  Fight with us.  Please join us in the battle for the souls of men.


  • Training: 39.0% complete (was just 23% last month!!!)
  • Startup Costs Raised: 16.3% ($8,160 of $50,000)
  • Monthly Support: 14.2% ($853 of $6,000)
  • Number of Prayer Partners: 70
  • Number of Financial Partners: 23
  • Days until departure: 457 (give or take)


  1. We are surging forward in our training, our startup support, and our monthly support!  We thank God for the way we are seeing these numbers climb, and we are trusting God to continue to provide the time, the finances, and the people to get us ready in his timing, since there is still plenty of work still to be done.
  2. We believe we have found a solution to the very heavy PNG import taxes about which we shared with you last month!  We won’t bore you with details here, but please continue to pray that all the details will come together into a real and workable plan.


  1. Michigan Trip

We are traveling to Michigan August 4-10.  We are visiting Hillsdale United Brethren Church—where Scott served 3+ years as a worship pastor—on Sunday the 7th.  We will have a table in the lobby before and after both services, and the church is putting our prayer cards in the bulletin.  We will meet with the Missions team on Monday the 8th.  A big part of this trip is about seeing family, some of whom are facing some serious health challenges.

Pray that God will draw new people into supporting our ministry—both through prayer and through finances.  Pray that God would provide guidance to the Missions team in knowing whether he would have them support us in 2017.  Pray that the boys (especially) will have some meaningful and memorable interactions with their family. 

  1. Summer Mailing

We are sending out a jumbo postcard to our mailing list later this month.  Look for it in your mailboxes!

Pray that God would use it to capture the hearts of people on our mailing list who are not yet praying for us or supporting us financially.

  1. Our Family

Noel and I rejoice that God has given us a marriage that is so strong and full of his presence!  It is so important for us to be united and steady.  We often see that when Satan is unable to divide us, he attacks our children (he is so merciless and cruel).

Pray that God would continue to be at the center of our marriage, that we would encourage, love, support, and forgive each other, just as we are called to do.  Pray that God would protect our children from the enemy’s attacks and give them the inner strength and courage to stand firm against his schemes.  Pray that God would keep us all focused on him and his glorious name.

Pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you.  And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil people, for not everyone has faith.”  2 Thessalonians 3:1-2

For His Glory,

Scott & Noel

(c) 2015 – PNG Mission Blog