Yesterday, I wasn’t faithful with nap time. Having a full time job as Mom and a full time (or “as much time as you can squeeze in”) job of Language Student means that nap times need to be times for undistracted work. Recently, my goal has been to do one hour of memorization each day – working through flashcards of nouns and phrases, translating back and forth between English and Ndo – and nap time is when this happens.

About 20 minutes into my flashcards I decided I needed a break, so I went onto Facebook to scroll through updates. Then the bell tolled. There is a bell in the village (see picture above) that is sounded for meetings and other things, but the way they were sounding it on this particular afternoon (long and slow) was to alert everyone that someone had just died.

Looking at my phone, I immediately thought, “What am I doing?” People are literally dying, and the better I know the language, the better I will be at helping Zach, along with our coworkers, to share the gospel here. I also, soon after, was reminded to pray for more laborers for the harvest. Because the reality is, the bell is tolling in every village in these mountains, whether or not there are believers working there to hear it.

Please pray for this along with us! Or come and work here! The harvest is plentiful here and the workers are few. If you are interested in doing this kind of work, you can check out our organization’s website: fvpng.org.

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