Craig and Sara Noyes

Craig and Sara Noyes

sent out by Grace Brethren Church of Irasburg,VT to plant churches in PNG

Have you ever stopped to ponder that? I certainly hadn’t until I needed to know. Recently, I had the job of preparing loads of house building materials for a helicopter flight into the bush.

When you are going to build a house in a remote jungle village that is “helicopter only” (no airstrip, road or river nearby) you have a lot of logistical restraints. To name a few: the helicopter can only hold about 1,000 pounds of cargo but that same cargo has to be able to fit in the chopper, which isn’t that big. And keep in mind you’re paying between $800-$1,100 an hour for that chopper to be on (and they are just charging the missionary operating costs) so you don’t want any more flights than you absolutely need. That’s why we’re doing weird things like talking about how much toilets weigh.

Once everything is weighed up and piled according to loads we wait patiently for the chopper to come and then work quickly to fill it up all the while remembering to stay away from the spinning-machetes-of-death (as the missionary described the tail rotor when warning the tribesman).

Thankfully the last couple of sets of shuttles I’ve done have been close to home and not up the road at The Most Miserable Place in PNG (click here to read about that trip). In fact, it looks like my shuttling days are done for a while and I will be climbing in that helicopter on Nov 11thfor a 2-week trip to work on the missionaries’ houses and possibly with milling.

Inbetween shuttles, I’ve been buying house building supplies for the Kovol team (wow, saying it that way makes it seem so simple! Buying housing supplies is truly and art here), varnishing plywood flooring for the bush house, helping with maintenance on the base and planning our own bush house that we hope to construct next summer as well as getting the purchase list together for all the solar electric stuff we need for it.

We’ve also been enjoying this season of life where things aren’t too fast-paced; Solomon just turned 5, Sara and I did a painting date, we’re enjoying being outside during the late afternoon when it’s nice out, the kids are getting into a homeschool routine and we’re starting to collect things and thoughts for our own move into the bush next year. Soon the pace will pick up again but praise the Lord for the slow times.

Please pray:

  • For safety for me on the bush trip. It’s a long way from everywhere if I get hurt.
  • For Sara and the kids while I’m gone.
  • For patience and faith to trust the Lord to open doors with the ministry instead of us (me) forcing things.

Oh, and the answer is 31 pounds by the way. At least, the one I sent in!

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