Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Do people

Although the Bible is available in the trade language Pidgin, and a handful of people in the village own a copy, very few understand how to read the Bible.

In preparation for the upcoming gospel teaching, Zach prepared a four-part class to teach through some basics on reading the Bible. We invited all those who have finished literacy because during the gospel teaching, these same people will receive a printed copy of each lesson each day, as well as a recorder which will include the lesson from that morning. We want them to be as prepared as possible to read and review these lessons with those in their house and nearby.

In this “How to Read the Bible” class, Zach answered questions like: How is the Bible put together (Old and New Testaments)? What do the big and small numbers mean? Where did the stories in the Bible take place?

After explaining the general overview of the Bible in the first class, Zach spent the next two classes reading the book of Jonah with the class. This was the first time the Do people have read God’s Word in their own language! During these two classes, they read the text and then talked about what the verses said. He showed them how MUCH we can learn by just reading what the Bible says, not pulling things out of the verses that we make up.

In the final class, Zach taught the intro lesson for the gospel teaching. He did this so they can get excited about the teaching, and also so they could understand what each lesson will be like. Zach recorded himself, taught through the lesson (showing which times he was reading Scripture and which times he was speaking his own words), and then asked follow up questions. Afterward, he showed them how his talk would be put on the recorders, gave the recorders out, and showed them how to play back the talk.

We are SO thankful for this group of about 15-20 helpers. They are excited about reading, excited about the teaching, and will be key players in helping those in the community review and think through the lessons.

Less than two weeks until the gospel lessons begin!

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