Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

sent out by Grace Bible Church to logistically support church planters

It has been an exciting week at the Lehman house and it is only Wednesday!  Here are a few events from the week.

I was able to help SIL with a translator’s house in Madang.  Brad and Faith Halverson are the SIL Center Managers and I told Brad I would love to help with the project.  We headed out with Simon Sammie up the coast highway then down a dirt road going West for 20 mins.  We finished sheathing the interior with plywood then trimmed the edges with some furrings trips.  Brad and Simon have some work left to complete but they should be done this weekend.  The SIL missionary will be moving into the house this weekend.  It has been a joy to help other organizations that are bringing God’s Word to the people in PNG.

Brad Halverson – Nailing furring strips to the wall

On a more family note…  Every week we do a “Date Night” with one of our kids.  The date happens around 7:30PM and we usually eat something sweet and play a game.  Last night was Knox’s Date Night.  He wanted to play Rivals of Catan which is not the quickest game in the lot but we got halfway done.  After the game was over we talked with Knox about life and how much we love him.  We always ask the kids how they perceive things in the home are going as well.  For some reason I told him that someday when he gets older he will find a wife, get married and move away.  Poor guy started crying.  I had to hold him for a bit to assure him that there was plenty of time before that would happen.  Lorie and I thought it was a precious moment with the “tough guy” in the family.

Belle will be turning 6 this Saturday and she is over the moon about getting older.  Lorie has a weekly hangout with local missionary moms and their kids.  This week was at our place and we did a small celebration for Belle’s birthday as well.  There was popcorn, carrots, twisties (like Cheetos) and New Zealand ice cream!  Our family has been blessed to get to know these families and it was sweet to have friends to celebrate Belle’s birthday with.

Since Sunday afternoon the power has been hit or miss.  As I write it has been off for 3 hours due to PNG Power repairing power lines in the area.  We are so thankful to God in the way he provided funds for a generator to keep the fans running.  Little things like fans are such a blessing in a hot place like Madang.

I will be sitting down with guards at our place today for Bible Study.  We have two new guys here currently so I will be starting at the beginning – What is the Bible and who is God?  Please pray for these men as well as my Tok Pisin.  If it is not clear the message is always missed and the Gospel will not be heard.

Thank you to all who diligently pray for us and support us!