Just the Four of Us

Dear Everybody,
Hello from the four of us! (Brooke and kids) That’s right, Joey is gone and I have taken over the computer. Actually – Joey is going to be gone for a whole week. Help! He is spending the week in the Sepik – another part of PNG – helping some other missionaries build their house! Though we miss him here – we are really excited about this time that he can spend out in the bush in a village. Not only will he be speaking more Pidgin, he will get to help out some other missionaries, get a better idea of how to build a house out in the bush, and generally just get a lot more exposure to life in PNG. I was worried about missing him too much – we haven’t been apart very often. But with the workload every day of language study, relationships, keeping up with the household stuff, and three small kids – I have hardly had time!! Please keep us all in your prayers, though.
Love in Christ,
for the Tartaglias