The day has arrived…we finally know the name of the people we will be preaching the gospel to in Papua New Guinea.

We have been in Papua New Guinea for six months now.  

In six months, we have learned the language, Tok Pisin (mostly), gone out to the bush four different times (spending a total of 25 days away from our families and sleeping in huts), and tried to adapt to a new culture.  

We have hiked, made friends, flown in helicopters, eaten lots of different foods — all in the hopes of finding a place to preach the Gospel.

And now, it is with great excitement that we can officially tell you that we have decided where our next 10 years of ministry will be (Lord willing).

On our last survey, we visited two different tribes: Yot Wam and Ndo (to read more about this survey, you can read my recap here and Cameron’s here).

We have decided as a team to go back to the village of Maweroro, which is in Ndo!  

(NOTE: no one on our team is 100% sure how the name of this village is spelled or even for sure how it is said–one of the hard parts of not speaking the language yet. So you might see the name of this village spelled any number of ways between our blog posts and our co-workers.)

Last night, we called them as a team and gave them the news.  It’s sweet to think that these are the people, Lord willing, we will be spending the next decade with.  Making friends.  Laughing together, grieving together when sickness and death come, learning their language and their customs.  And Lord willing becoming brothers and sisters in Christ.

Much prayer has brought us to this point—much answered prayer.  And now, looking forward we find we have so much more to pray for yet—our shipping container, gathering house building supplies, preparing the ground to actually build, learning the language, preaching the gospel, and much prayer that hearts would be softened, eyes would be opened, and those who are dead in their transgressions and sins would be made alive and repent and believe!

But for today, we are excited and thankful. 

Excited to finally know the name of the people with whom we will spend the next ten years of our life and be able to tell all of you! 

And thankful to have been sent here by our elders and church family at Grace Bible Church in Tempe, Arizona along with every single other person who has supported us in prayer or finances along the way. 

Thank you for helping us get here, one step closer to preaching the gospel to people who haven’t heard it. 

People from the Village of Mawaroro

People from the Village of Mawaroro

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