Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Do people

Last week, our third literacy class began and it is going really well! You may remember from Literacy Graduation Round Two, that during the second literacy class I trained our friend Maikepe to teach. This class will be led primarily by him, and he will be training another former literacy graduate, Namura, to teach alongside him.

In the last few weeks, these two guys have taken over the job of checking people’s interest in the program and signing people up for literacy.

I have attended these first 7 classes to help them get started, but I am going to be leaving the class in their hands as of tomorrow. It is awesome to see these men taking over this job!

Maikepe leading a game where the students learn to recognize their names written on index cards.
Namura teaching writing.
Left-handed Erinumeng.
Namu helping Meri work through a pre-reader.
Bangena practicing her writing.
Maik demonstrating how to decipher between different letters.
For those of you praying for our friends here by name, here are the 10 people enrolled in this new class: Iti, Wiwige, Eyungo, Bangena, Meri, Mukei, Jois, Manasigepe, Erinumeng, and Sonuwe.

On the first day, and since then, Maik has reminded the class that this is their first step toward reading Scripture in their own language. That is the heart behind literacy – if the people here can’t read their Bibles for themselves, they will be reliant on only outside sources to grow in knowledge and will have no way of verifying what they are taught.

We want the Do church, as it grows, to stand on God’s Word!

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