Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Ndo people

On Saturday, we were able to celebrate as 8 more people graduated from our Do literacy class. This class chose to host a similar celebration to the last one, so we had a big meeting, they each gave gifts, and we ate together. As you read the story below and look at the pictures, you’ll realize that one of the benefits of living so far away from civilization is that things like Covid-19, face masks, and social distancing have not made it out here yet.

First, a group of guitar players and singers performed a few songs while leading us up from the literacy building to the meeting tent.

Once we were settled, the students, one by one, read a short text they had prepared. After that, we gave the students their certificates. This is Maikepe. He was a part of the first literacy class and showed interest in teaching. I have given him some training and guidance over the past six months and he has really become into a capable teacher. He taught most of the lessons to this second class. And they’re the better for it. When Maikepe understands a concept, he is able to communicate it so clearly to his people. It is amazing to watch.

I presented Maikepe with a teacher’s certificate since he is now able to teach the literacy class as a head teacher. We are, of course, so proud of his hard work!

Zach gave a talk to all who came to watch. He encouraged the people who have done literacy and told them the benefits that will come from finishing this class. He spoke without notes and his Do is so good!

The students presented us with gifts: oranges, peanuts, passion fruit, cabbages, and chickens.

After the celebration, we all went to a nearby hut and ate lunch together. It was a very sweet day!

This means that 8 more people are on their way to reading God’s Word in their own language!

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