The very first Mibu Literacy Class finished  just yesterday!!  We are so happy that from this first class there are 14 graduates, including 4 who are trained as teachers!  We had a little ceremony for them after Bible teaching.  They accepted their certificates proudly while the whole village looked on and clapped.  🙂  Plans for future literacy classes with Mibu teachers are already in the works, starting as soon as January.  In looking ahead to bringing God’s word to the sister village of Tariknan, we are hoping to begin a literacy class there, too, early next year.

Fourteen new literates who can read the Bible lessons in their own language!  And four new teachers who can teach their own people to read and write – and carry on the task of teaching the rest of this people group!  Our hearts are full to bursting.    We print copies of the Bible lessons we are teaching, including the Scripture portions, and put them in the newly established “Mibu Library” (one shelf in a hut – for now!).  The new literates have already begun checking out the materials. Please pray that they will read and re-read them to their families and friends.  God’s Word is powerful and can change lives!

Love in Christ,