Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

Missionary sent out by Grace Bible Church

Behind our flat is a small house called “TQ” – Translator’s Quarters – where Papua New Guinean translators stay when they are in town. Yesterday, we met Lucas and Clara, who came to Madang from their village in order to bring Clara to the hospital here.

By God’s providence, Lucas is working with a team that desires to translate the New Testament into five languages near a coast town at the base of the Finisterre Mountains. He has been to several villages in the Finisterres and knows much about what work (or lack thereof) is happening currently.

What a mercy of God to bring so much information to us before we are even able to do survey work! Lucas loves the Lord and desires to see God’s Word translated into every language. He spent much time with us yesterday evening and night pouring over maps and dreaming about where God might place more workers.

Here are some pictures of Lucas and Clara, plus their two sweet girls Maylene and Johanna (they have 6 more boys who didn’t join them on this trip):

Jude and Onesimus digging with Maylene and Johanna, plus frumpy Oliver eating grass like he loves to do: CAN_0887

Matt and Zach looking over maps with Lucas:


Playing inside when it began to rain:


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