Part of living in a “foreign place” are the new fruits and vegetables that we get to try.  We have been in PNG for over a year now and we still have not tried all the new things.  Matt, Zach and I were given some new fruit like things during this most recent housebuilding trip.  The fruit (called a Tomat’) was tear drop shaped, red and about the size of a large egg.  We asked if they could put it in the food the Mareroro people cook for us.  They just laughed.  They said you never put it in food, you eat it by itself.

So I removed the skin to find an orange fleshed tomato like fruit.  It was high in acid content but tasted like a mellow tomato with a bit of a bite because of the acidic nature of the fruit.  It was not my favorite fruit but worth the experience of trying it.  Everyday is an adventure here – even with the fruit.  It was a kindness of the Lord to let us eat a Tomat’ so we would have energy to work on the house!