Mootriye’s Song

Happy Easter from Mibuland!

The Mibu believers are now about 6 weeks old. Its such a joy to see them at peace in their new found God. Some have composed songs and are teaching them to the rest of the church. I am attaching one that Mootriye wrote. Here are the words in Mibu. Below that are the words to his song translated into English:

“Bamnyu Pangundu garuk garuk uminyin nyinde tungak tapap turevun mukunyi pogo.
Udu nyindu ukwin tangak tugu dugi dugunyi mirugut.
Tuvun nyindu une akngu sinyu narugamung.”

“God sent us our savior for our benefit.
He sent him down to the earth.
He took our sins, and hung them up on the cross.
And we are happy about that.”

God is being praised in Mibuland!