This last trip to Papua New Guinea in October was one of my favorites. Daniel Bright was a great travel companion, and the best travel deal took us through some new countries to get to PNG. I had never been through Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, or Beijing before. Definitely one of the upsides of missionary life!

But the reason it was among my favorite trips was the time spent with the families on the field. Watching them pursue relentlessly the unwritten language of Ndo and  spend countless hours really getting to know the people in their village, homes and gardens was a highlight.

Seeing the missionaries in town work with passion and wisdom and intentionality in their ministries – putting solid plans in place for the future of the work in PNG, still gives me such joy. Observing the kindness and purposefulness in training, teaching and guiding their children as they grow up in a second culture was thrilling. And being able to love, encourage, do projects for and generally try to bless the families on the field made me realize again that  we have the best job in the world.

After getting home and catching up with my overworked wife and our five children still at home, after a 3+ week absence, the thought that most burdens my mind about this trip is the villages we visited who are still waiting to hear the good news of the gospel of Christ. The workers are few but the opportunities are now! Passing through the Yaut people group, they again asked us to find Christians in our home area who would be willing to come and share the message from God with them. Surely there are more Christians here somewhere who are willing to train, prepare, go, live, learn the language and share the good news of Christ with the Yaut people. Pray with us that more families and young people would turn aside from the American dream to follow God’s calling to share the gospel with those who have no way to hear and understand it. Not out of guilt or resenting what is left behind, but out of zeal and passion and great joy!

Thank you to all who prayed for us during our trip, and who have partnered with us in sending out missionaries to the unreached language groups in the Finisterre Mountains. May you be blessed as we have been with great joy in seeing God prepare hearts to finally hear what Jesus was sent here for.