Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Missionaries in training with Grace Bible Church

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.  It’s exciting to think about spending time with family as well as the Christmas Carols that will be singing soon.  It has been a great month of training, transition, fundraising, and answers to prayer (almost immediately).

I have been in Theology 1 for the last month and enjoying all that I have been learning about God’s Word.  I have an exam coming up soon as well as a good amount of book reading for a research paper.  It has been a joy to take classes from The Masters Seminary (TMS) administered by the elders at Grace Bible Church (GBC).  I am continually seeing the good shepherding of our elders as the teaching in class is in accord with GBC.

Last week we had 4 fundraisers going or coming to a close at the same time (we and others were very busy).  Here are the fundraisers in no particular order:  PNG yard sale, Gold Canyon candle sale, Clothing drive and a ladies craft boutique.  I do not have the final numbers but I think the total funds raised were around $4000!!!  A special thanks to the Frazey’s for hosting the sale at their house, and those that sacrificed their time to serve in this (there was a TON of stuff there)!

With our departure date being pushed back to April 2014 there has been need to address the following items:  A need to continue working longer for my current employer, and find a new place to temporarily stay.  Within 3 days from when we started praying for a new home to stay in the Lord prompted a family to ask us!  I also met with my boss and he had no issue with keeping me on until we depart in April of 2014!  This has been the highlight of the week – seeing God’s hand in providing for us (Just as he has promised to do in his word).

The kids are doing well with Greer recently losing his first tooth!  Continue to pray for their hearts – that Lorie and I would be faithful to instruct them and that God would be gracious to save them.

It is a joy to be sacrificing “temporary things” for the sake of the Gospel.  In all of this we have only seen God’s word to be proven true.  He truly does care for his children and graciously provides all that they are in need of.

Thank you to all that are praying and financially supporting us as we continue to prepare to go to PNG.  Fundraising will be a primary focus of the next few months.  April is the new date of departure and we need to have a current monthly support base to actually leave.  If you have a desire to be a part of supporting us – please see our “get involved” page – please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.