Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

Missionary sent out by Grace Bible Church



This morning marked the transition into our official survey stage. The director of Finisterre Vision, came to town last night; and this morning he, Zach, and Matt Dodd left to visit the Ndo tribe. They will take a small boat to a coastal town, meet up with a believer, Bapake, from the Mibu tribe, and then hike up into the mountains to visit the Ndo tribe with Bapake as their guide.

Please please pray for them! Pray first and most that Jesus would be honored in this trip. Pray secondly that they would have wisdom as they interact with the Ndo people to determine if this would be a good place to allocate. And please pray that they will be in good health the whole way up, and back down – neither Matt nor Zach have done a hike of this proportion before.

Looking forward with excitement to all God has in store during this season of surveys,

Cass for the Canns

Last night while mapping the route from the coast to the tribe:



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