On Fire

A young couple stopped by our house late this afternoon.  They were full of questions and wanted to talk.  We have taught just 11 Bible lessons so far, and are up to Adam’s sin – and it is really getting the wheels turning!
They had questions regarding Adam and Eve, and questions just about life.  (ie Does my father who just died miss us, too?)  Sivi (the husband) said that he has an awful pain in his spirit that just won’t go away because he doesn’t think that he is right with God.  He is desperate to know how to get right – what to do, what to say.
His wife, Wun, remarked, “Our insides are on fire hearing that God made everything.  Our insides burn hearing that God made US!  Some of us are torn between our old ancestor beliefs and the new talk that we are hearing.”

Thank you for your prayers!  Please keep them up!  They are beginning to understand how BIG the implications are to what they are hearing, but there is still a lot of teaching to go, and there is still a choice to be made as to believe it completely or not.   The same desire they feel to appease God they also feel to appease their dead ancestors.  Pray that we can communicate that to choose God is to choose God ALONE.

For Him,