Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

Missionary sent out by Grace Bible Church

Next door to our flat live these little guys. We became acquainted with them day one. Their “kakaruk-ing” woke us up that first morning at 3am, and again at 4:50, then 5, 5:05, 5:06, and then some more at 6. These lovely guys like to talk at all hours of the day and night and because of them I close all our bedroom windows. (Sadly, this means the cooler air stays outside.)

Jude “loves” these guys so much that each night he tells us that he doesn’t want the “kaka-do” and I have, more than once, gone into his room after putting him in bed to find him face down with his hands over his ears.

I have tried to help him like our friends by telling him that the kakaruks are just saying “helllloooooo” and he should kakaruk right back. It works sometimes.

(According to our friend Geoff Husa, kakaruks kakaruk a lot less when they have lots of hens around. Might be a worthy investment for us.)

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