Prayer Request


This is just a quick update asking for prayer.

Starting on Tuesday of this week, we will be teaching about the fall of man.  This is going to be an especially difficult point for some of the Mibu people.  Some of them make a living off of performing ceremonies to find out who worked sorcery on a person to cause their death.  Hearing that Adam’s sinfulness is the reason for death, and not sorcery, will challenge their beliefs to the core.

Please pray especially for them to be open to the truth as to why God says that people die.  Please also pray for our Mibu friend Lucas, who is seriously ill right now.  He is one of the guys in our literacy class who is training to become a literacy teacher.  He and his wife have two little boys.  A group of people worked the ceremony today to find out who worked the sorcery that caused him to get sick.  Not only does this throw this week’s teaching into sharp contrast with their beliefs, but it shows us the severity of his illness.  Thank you for your prayers for Lucas and for the Mibu people as a whole.

Love in Christ,

PS Thank you to many of you who prayed for our son Solomon this past week.  Our lives were instantly turned upside down when we flew him out of the tribe to have him checked to see if he had appendicitis.  Thankfully the pains were something else, and though we don’t know what caused them, they went away and he is just fine.  🙂  Russ and Robyn Bishop took care of us for the week, and we are now all back in Mibu and ready to start again tomorrow into this week of teaching.