Cameron Dodd

Cameron Dodd

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Ndo people

In God’s good plan, we learned today that what we’ve been seeing on Matt’s MRIs and CT scans is cancer. It’s not lymphoma, so the doctors have sent the tissue out for pathology to find out what kind it is–where it originated in his body. Because what the doctor found when he operated today was a tumor, it’s likely that the nodules they’ve been finding are also tumors. At this point, it’s like half of a diagnosis and we’ll hopefully know the other half next week.

So. It was not good news. No one, I think, would ever choose cancer or sickness. But it was also the best news in that God told us today that the best thing for Matt, for myself, and for our kids is cancer.

We are not sure of so many things ahead. There will undoubtedly be hard days to come. But all I can say is that today was a good day because the Lord made it and we can rejoice and be glad in Him. He has given us so much good and should we who are but clay speak when He gives us something like this? We are sinners and He has reconciled us to Himself at the cost of His own Son. His love for us is sure.

God gave me so much peace and contentment today. As I write this right now, but also as I was given the news by the doctor when Matt was still not awake. And God gave me many helps along the way. He gave me a kind and competent doctor who probably has to give bad news a lot and does it well, as well as friends and family to be with me at the time so I was not alone. My biggest concern perhaps was having to tell Matt–which I ended up having to do, like, 10 times as he was coming out of the anesthesia (really not what I wanted to keep repeating in different ways and in different tones of voice, but that too was God’s plan)–and seeing his reaction. But Matt’s reaction was to point out that in the past when he had seen other people get cancer, he thought God must have thought their faith strong enough to handle it and then he said, “I guess it’s kind of an honor to get cancer. I mean, not everybody gets cancer.”

So we are well in the Lord. He is our refuge and our strength. We love Him and trust that the plan He’s working out is the very best one. Naked we came into this world and naked we’ll leave; blessed be the name of the Lord who loves us and does not leave us when we need Him most.

Please pray that we would trust God with whatever the diagnosis ends up being. God already knows. Pray that it would be treatable, that Matt would be healed if that would be God’s will. Pray for our family members and our teammates in PNG whom this news impacts most directly. Pray that we would just keep our eyes fixed on Him and not horses or chariots or disease.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement, your texts, and your comments. They have supported both of us a great deal. We are so thankful to have you all be with us during this time!

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