Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Missionaries in training with Grace Bible Church

When would we be leaving?

We are currently aiming at the early part of 2014 as a date to leave.  There is a long list of things that need to be done before we can go and depending on when that list is complete it could delay or speed up the date.  Items that need to be finished before we leave:  Finish missions training, equipping through the elders at Grace Bible, raising initial sending costs, and raising monthly support costs.

Where would be be living?

The town that we would live in is Madang Town.  It is a small costal town on the Northeastern side of the island of Papua New Guinea, you can follow this google map link to see it in relation to the USA:  Google Map Link.

What would we be doing?

Grace Bible church is sending missionaries through Finisterre Vision to Papua New Guinea as tribal missionaries.  These missionaries will be moving into tribal villages that have have no instant access to supplies, food, paper, etc.  There is a need for Logistic Coordinators that would meet this need.  The town that we would be living in is a good location to do this work.
The majority of the work will be supply buying:  Food, paper, clothing, construction equipment, tools, hygiene  medication, and teaching supplies are just examples.  Those supplies are then weighed, boxed based on priority, and wrapped in weather tight plastic.  The supply drop is then scheduled and coordinated with local missionary organizations that have areal, or naval equipment (boat, plane, and helicopter).  The supplies would be picked up in Madang, taken to the closest airstrip or port (depending on the tribes location) and then dropped off by a helicopter.
Other work that we would be involved in:  Visa renewal, emergency evacuation coordination, preparing places to stay when the missionaries come out of the tribe, keep an ear to the ground on the political climate of PNG.  We are also thinking on ways that the entire process can be streamlined so all aspects run as efficiently as possible.

How long would we be gone?

We are initially committing 3-5 years of our life to this work.  No one knows the length of your life; and life is but a vapor.  Should the Lord (Jesus Christ) desire that we be there longer, we will be there.