Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Ndo people

We are in an exciting and busy time for the ministry here. On November 1st, we will begin to teach the people here every day through the Bible. So for the first time, they will be able to hear the entire gospel story in their own language!

As we approach that date, we are working on many things in preparation. One of those things is inviting each individual that lives in our village. Mawerero has a main village area and then several smaller hamlets of 1-10 houses in surrounding areas.

Last Saturday, our family hiked out to one of the furthest of those hamlets, a small area called Tuwiyong Moreng. We hiked there to invite a grandma to come to the teaching. Her name is Yenongiyo:

And as we were hiking back, Zach answered questions from our boys about WHY we were hiking almost an hour away from home, even though we only saw ONE lady to invite her to hear the gospel in her language. Our hearts swelled to think that God’s good news is really going to the most remote corners of the world!

Think about it: from America, you may think that Papua New Guinea is remote. In Port Moresby, you may think that Madang town is remote. In Madang town, you may think that this small village in the mountains is remote. Then from here in Mawerero, you have to hike an hour into the bush to find an area named Tuwiyong Moreng where there are just two small huts – and the truth is: This gospel is for them! What kindness of God to bring the gospel to our cities and towns, and what kindness for Him to now bring it to Yenongiyo in the middle of the jungle!

We love this sweet lady and we love the people here – please pray with us that all come to the teaching, hear the gospel, and believe in Christ for salvation!

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