Really Great News!!!!!!

Yesterday David and I were working together on the last few evangelism lessons.  We talked about the reasons for Jesus’ death on the cross.  I asked him if, since Jesus is God, couldn’t He have forgiven us for our sins without dying?”  David wasn’t sure how to answer that, so I reminded him of what God had told Adam in the garden.  The penalty for sin is death.  So how can God forgive us without that penalty being paid? It would be against God’s character.

David replied, “If God did that, He would be a liar.”

So I asked again, “Couldn’t Jesus have just declared our sins forgiven without dying?”

Then I saw it all making sense!  The look in David’s eyes and the smile that jumped onto his face gave him away before he even said a word… he got it!  Everything David has been learning in the past months became clear!  He had heard that Jesus died, but just this morning the pieces all fell together as we talked.  We are all separated from God from the Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden of Eden.  Just as God said so many times throughout the Old Testament, The penalty for sin is death.  ONLY Jesus’ perfect sinless life and his death on the cross could appease God’s righteous wrath!  Jesus HAD to die for us to be able to be reunited in relationship with God!   And these conclusions from David’s own lips!

Once he understood God’s plan of salvation, he wanted to tell me over and over and over again; stating that it is true and he believes it!

When I was finally able to get a word in :), I asked David if God keeps His promises.  Since we had recently worked through John 3:16, he knew God’s promise that everyone who believes will have eternal life.

“Yes, every promise is true!” he replied, “And God said that if I believe His Word I will go to heaven and be with Him when I die!  I am going to heaven when I die, and I am so, so happy!!  Thank you very much for telling me this.”

Our cups are overflowing with joy.

For His Glory,
Mibu, Madang, PNG