In the States, we have big bins to fill up with our weekly trash, then we roll them to the curb and without fail, the garbage truck comes and takes it away to la la land. I say “la la land” because the nice thing is, most of us don’t really think about it.

Here in Madang, we need to do what we can to put as little in the rubbish as possible. We have a fire area for everything burnable (which is most of our trash), a compost pit for all food scraps, and three small rubbish bins for everything else (foil, jars, food cans, etc). These are the bins we need someone to come and haul away. The ones pictured above.

Our guard always seems hopeful that the rubbish truck will come each Tuesday or Thursday, but in reality, it comes about once every 3-4 weeks. The last two times it has come, we missed it. So, that means that it has been 6 weeks now since our rubbish was taken and so far, between the entire Dodd family and ours, we have not overflowed these three bins!

Picture of the rubbish fire pit (Alex our guard helps us start fires when the guys are gone):


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