Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

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If you are reading this from the Northern Hemisphere my guess is you are shocked at how late school is getting out here in PNG.  Then again, we do homeschool so Lorie sets the schedule for school.  It has been a great year of school for the kids and Lorie and I talk often about how God is growing our kids minds.  Greer has finished 2nd grade!  Belle has finished Kindergarten and Knox is done with Pre-school!

Learning how to homeschool our kids has been a trial and error process.  Thus far Lorie has been the primary teacher.  She organizes and plans all the lessons and curriculum for each week.  This includes “group school” when all the kids are all together as well as “individual school” where she is working one on one with each of our kids.  When we first agreed to homeschool she was excited to teach but it was overwhelming for here to think about.  Even now it has its moments of being overwhelming but my Lorie continues to persevere.

We will be taking a 3 week break from school.  We are planning to take some short trips to various snorkeling locations around Madang.  Our favorite thus far is Jais Aben resort just a little outside of Madang on the Coast Highway to the Sepek.  They have rope swings attached to a tree that hangs over the ocean.  The ocean life in that area is amazing.  The water is full of seas cucumbers, clown fish, starfish, schools of various fish and sea snakes.  We will also get to spend some time with the Canns and Dodds as they will be in Madang on their break as well.

I am looking forward to teaching grammar to Greer when school starts up again.  It will give me an opportunity to spend time on this massively important area of education.  Why massively important you ask?  If you know grammar you can dissect sentences, diagram them and know how they are formed.  This is a foundational element to Biblical Hermeneutics.  If you know grammar and how it works you will be able to understand what God’s Word says!  Exciting stuff!

Some prayer points:

  • Endurance & joy in a foreign place.
  • That we would enjoy the break with the kids.
  • Evangelistic teaching with our PNG friends.