Hi all! For those of you who don’t use Facebook – here are the updates about our current housebuilding trip.

August 30: by Zach:

The House Building Team has arrived in Madang! Thank you to all who prayed! And thank you to the many of you who helped send these 14 people to come aid our work here. And thank you to those who sent us gifts and supplies in their luggage. We are excited for the days ahead!




August 31: by Cameron, our coworker:

Last night was taco night with all of our special U.S. visitors! Everyone made it safely–with only one person leaving their carry-on on the plane by accident and we were able to retrieve that this morning! The Jeremy Lehman family, the Zach Cann and Cassidy Cann, and Dodd family were SO blessed by the amount of gifts that were sent with the team! Thank you to all who contributed to make last night feel like Christmas in August!

Today, while Matt is at the lumbar yard getting 11 tons of lumbar and Jeremy is buying supplies we’ll need for the helicopter, Zach went to get an empty flatbed truck to bring to the Lehman’s house to load the building materials that are at the house. 

That truck was kind enough to give the whole team a ride back to the Lehman’s house after they walking over to the Dodds and Canns flat to say hello. See the pictures below taken just 30 minutes ago!

Right now, the plan is for the team to load the building materials at the Lehman’s house, meet Matt and Jeremy at the dock, and then proceed to load all 18 tons of building materials onto the boat!

One prayer request: when our boat captain went to get fuel at the gas station, there was none. So please pray that our boat can find fuel somewhere before tomorrow.


September 1, 9am: by Cassidy:

Update on the house building team: Last night (Monday night), the boat we ere using became overloaded with still 2 tons of materials not yet loaded. Three men stayed on the boat with the cargo while the rest went home to sleep. This morning the men went to the dock to leave (at 5am as planned), but have been waiting for the past 4 hours – waiting for the captain, the crew, and everyone else to be ready to leave Madang and sail to Biliau.
Zach, OJ Miles, and Reed will stay in Madang and search out another boat to bring them and the rest of the cargo to Biliau to meet up with everyone else.
So far we are not delayed as long as the boat leaves and gets the men to Biliau today (Tuesday). The heli shuttles will start tomorrow. We are so thankful these men (and Sarah!) are here to help us, and you can pray along with us that they all can get to the village tomorrow! Please also pray that another boat can bring Zach, Omri, and Reed with the last of the supplies soon!IMG_1649

September 1, 9pm: by Cassidy:

The first group of men have arrived in Biliau! They spent the afternoon unloading all the cargo from the boat onto the shore (via smaller dinghy boats). Some men are now sleeping while those who are able are carrying all the items from the beach to the heli pad. This work will probably take them all night. We are so thankful that several men from the village have hiked down to the beach and are working tonight as well.
The other three guys Zach Cann, OJ Miles, and Reed, will be in Madang tonight with the last 2 tons of cargo. Lord-willing, the boat will return quickly form Biliau and they can load this last bit and head out to meet up with the rest of the team. Thank you for all who have prayed! We still need prayer that the boat captain will keep his word and return, that the men will stay uninjured, and that everything will run smoothly with the heli shuttles that start tomorrow morning (Wednesday).
This is a picture of Mike Feather and Tyler Azeltine as they were loading the boat yesterday. Everyone has been so helpful! We are so thankful these men are here from the US to help us, that their wives and moms let them come, and that many supported them – thank you!

September 2: by Cassidy:

Hi everyone! Zach Cann. OJ Miles, and Reed are off today (in Madang) to get some more supplies and find the boat that returned last night. Hopefully they will be able to load this morning and leave around lunchtime.
The rest of the guys are still in Biliau – they are moving their last few loads to the heli pad and then waiting for the heli, which has been delayed until noon.
So thankful our guys don’t have to do this alone this time – they are truly enjoying the fellowship and the help.
Thank you for praying!

These are pics of the three guys waiting at the wharf:


September 3: by Cassidy:

The three guys who stayed behind Zach Cann, OJ Miles, and Reed Blochberger) finally left for Biliau this morning. After thinking they were leaving yesterday, then thinking 1am, then losing hope of ever leaving (not really!) they set sail at 9am (Thursday). They are looking forward to helping Matt-Cameron Dodd In Biliau and then getting up to Mawerero soon after!

These are pics of us visiting the morning they left:




September 7: by Cassidy:

Zach Cann, Matt-Cameron Dodd, Jeremy Lehman, Tyler Azeltine, and OJ Miles just hiked up to get a cell signal. They wanted us to let everyone know that everyone is doing great – the framing is done on one of the houses and flooring is done on the other. So far no serious injuries. You can pray for Nick Dudley – he has had a stomach bug, but it seems like he is on the mend. Thank you, wives, for letting your husbands come!

September 7: by Cameron:

Just received a call from Matt from those who haven’t read Cassidy Cann’s update. First of all, such a blessing to talk to my husband for 25 minutes! Even if he did have to hike for a little while to get a signal.

They are making progress on the houses–so far I believe the plan is to get as far as they can on one of the houses and then finish the other house as much as time will allow. So far on the first house, they have the floor laid, the framing nearly done, and plumbing and electrical begun (thanks to Happygod Makundi!). They are hoping to get to the rafters and roof today. On the other house, the floor has been laid and I believe as jobs are finished on the first house, those people will move to the second house to work on it. Right now, their prayer is to get far enough along on the second house to put a roof on it! 

The weather has been good–no rain (which is bad from the perspective of the village’s gardens), but God is using for good in allowing so much work to be done. Everyone is healthy-Nick Dudley was feeling sick yesterday, but is feeling better today, praise God! We are so, so blessed to have so many people come out and help us build! Thank you again to all the wives and kids and families that let the ones so precious to them come!

September 10: by Cassidy:

The men are finishing the roof on the Dodds house, as well as working on doors and windows. Tomorrow they will cover up the flooring on our home and pack up their items. They are all healthy, praise God!

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