Sivi and Posilongge


I  just wanted to pass on a quick request for prayer.  As the time for the presentation of the Gospel to about 200 or so people draws close, we are super excited as it appears that many people have understood and believed what we have taught on up until this point.  We expect God to do great things.

As excited as we are, there is an element of sadness.  As there are several who although continue to attend the teaching faithfully, are rejecting the message that they are hearing.  This is hard because as we come to the presentation of the Gospel, we know that it will be meaningless to those who have not accepted the foundational teachings that we have taught every day for the last 5 months.

Please pray for specifically for 2 brothers, Sivi and Posilongge.  Pray for them to acknowledge God as the only God.  Also that they would see their ancestor beliefs as the lies of Satan that have held them captive for centuries.

These 2 men are very influential leaders here.  And they are very close friends whom we have spent hundreds of hours getting to know.  Its very painful to see them continue to reject God.  Please pray for them.

Here’s a poem I sent out before, that attempts to describe the world view of Sivi and Posilongge.


I am a man of Mibu
where mountains and traditions are steep,
and such I hold to be true
what I see when I’m asleep.

Leaving the world of consciousness
consciousness of the world does not suspend
I hold firm any semblance –
for truth is truth, whether real or imagined.

My spirit in the midst of night
travels far with open eyes
and sees in the dark as if in light;
gives me meaning, tells no lies.

Ask me of my ancestors
names forgotten, it would seem.
Yet I need not look any farther
than answers revealed in my dreams.

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray unto this effigy;
reveal to me the secrets deep
of wealth, success, prosperity.

Encouraging as it is that many are turning from this way of thinking, some continue to hold to it.  Please pray with us.

Mibu, PNG