Craig and Sara Noyes

Craig and Sara Noyes

sent out by Grace Brethren Church of Irasburg,VT to plant churches in PNG

Just as he was walking through his coffee garden to collect firewood, a rock came flying over his head to land in front of him. This was the beginning of the end. While in the trance caused by the rock-throwing-magic-spell he was incapacitated. His attackers rushed in and began their wicked task. After beating him and opening his abdomen with the claws of a hammer they removed his intestines and put live snakes inside. Normally, surviving something like this would be impossible. However, before he could die the men chewed up the bark from a special tree and spit it all over him. With the sorcery completed and the man having been healed completely from his wounds by the magic bark, he was left to wake up sometime later.

And wake up he did! He returned from collecting firewood with no memory of what happened and no visible marks. After finishing his day like normal, he went to sleep where the final purpose of the sorcery was played out. That night he died.

This is the story my coworkers and I heard from a friend of ours here in town as she explained how her in-law had been killed. “Is this a true story?” we asked. “Yes” was the reply.

Going to the witch doctor when someone puts a spell on them, believing so sincerely that a white person living in PNG is actually their dead relative come back to them, knowing that someone worked evil magic on their child and that is why they died, dogs being able to talk to people in a time of great need. These and more are actual stories we’ve heard right here in one of PNG’s biggest cities. Some of the people in the stories above speak English or have been to Australia, or have lived and worked around missionaries for all of their adult life.

I’ve been in PNG for several years now and often feel comfortable and confident about what’s going on around me. Then someone lets me have a glimpse of how they’re seeing the world and I’m reminded that in so many ways we are looking at the same things but we are not seeing the same things. Don’t get me wrong, most of life is very normal here, but there are things that pop up that make me sit back and say, “wow, that’s different.

All of these stories are from people in the cites who are “urbanized” and highly exposed to western people and things. Next month Josh and I will be going to a language group on the coast called Pano to do our first survey. What will we find there?

Please pray for Josh and I, along with some mature national believers and an experienced PNG missionary, as we take this exciting and intimidating step 5 weeks from now to get on a plane, and then a small boat and show up in a village that has no idea we’re coming.

Please pray specifically for

  • Safety for our families that stay behind
  • Wisdom and discernment in interacting with the people
  • Clear guidance from the Lord if these are the people we should work among
  • Safety in travel and from robbers. The PNG village culture is extremely hospitable and we have no concern of trouble from them. However, we will be passing through some areas known to have robbers and pirates.

We’ll be posting more about the survey before and definitely after the trip. I know I haven’t written in a while and I regret that. However, the short version of what you’ve missed is that we’ve been very busy doing very routine things. Praise the Lord, COVID has been a flop here in PNG so far. Officially there have only been 11 cases and while you can’t really travel in or out of PNG, life within the boarders is pretty much going on as normal now.

We haven’t forgotten about you who are interested in helping build our bush houses! Click HERE for the most current update on build team stuff or if you’re interested in coming.

Now please enjoy what many of you (myself included if I were in your shoes) come here for; the pictures!

One of the things I’ve been doing the last several months is slowly working on furniture for our bush house. All of this wood was picked randomly out of piles of the basic construction lumber sold in town, mixed hardwood. It’s God amazing in what He makes! (Click HERE to see this full gallery)

This is a collection of photos from around our house and the property we rent as well as the view of our property from the top of our storage container. (Click HERE to see full gallery)

Now the rest of the images! (Click HERE to see gallery)