In all of our house-building labors, Jeremy Lehman is undoubtedly the unsung hero. More than any other person, he is the reason there are two houses sitting on the Mawerero ridge. Matt and I have helped along the way. And our building teams from the States have provided valuable insights and man-hours to the project. But Jeremy has been the mastermind and leader of the whole operation. And I would just like to publicly thank him for…

  • coming to Papua New Guinea with us in the first place.
  • establishing Finisterre Vision as an organization in PNG.
  • leaving his family behind in Madang for over 80 days in order to help the Canns and Dodds move into the Finisterre Mountains.
  • hiking in with us to survey Rete and Mawerero.
  • driving with us to Ukarumpa and flying with us on the heli survey.
  • staying in Madang with 8 kids so that Cameron and Cass could go on a survey.
  • putting together a building schedule for how to build a house in the jungle.
  • helping Matt and me buy all the various building components… especially all the timber.
  • meeting regularly with Matt and me to explain the building process to two guys whose only prior housebuilding experience was with Lincoln Logs.
  • dealing with all the issues during the process of importing a shipping container.
  • leading and orchestrating all 5 housebuilding trips and carrying the weighty responsibility more than most.
  • going all over Madang with us in order to find boats and trucks for transportation.
  • funding and maintaining Finisterre Vision’s only vehicle that we all depend on daily.
  • administrating our flight operations.
  • generously hosting our families for dinners and movie nights.
  • letting us frequently store items in his home, office, back house, and storage container.

In the movie Apollo 13, there is a scene where a room of engineers have to fit a square CO2 filter in a round hole using nothing but what the crew has onboard the spacecraft. When they finally succeed, a technician tells the team lead: “You, sir, are a steely-eyed missile man.” Well, Jeremy Lehman has had to do a lot more with a lot less on these building trips and deserve the title “steely-eyed missile man” more than most.

Thank you for serving us so well, Jeremy! And a huge thank you to your family who have supported you and us along the way.


Jeremy built a relationship with a local lumber company, helped us order all the wood for the houses, and help us lug over 30 tons of timber into the Finisterre Mountains.


Jeremy helping us survey the land for the two houses in Mawerero. We are so thankful for his construction savvy.


We love this family and will miss seeing them regularly when we move into the bush.

If you don’t already… be sure to follow the Lehman family at jeremyandlorie.com.

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