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Zach Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Do people

It’s Mother’s Day in Mawerero. Our celebrations were not large by any means. Mom still had to cook and clean. Her boys helped to be sure, but let’s be honest, things would descend into chaos quickly without her involvement. We’re thankful for our best girl.

We celebrated in the usual way this morning. Jude, Oliver, and I made Cassidy some cards to express our thanks and love. The boys each wrote a poem for her!

Cassidy with her three kids.

Oliver’s poem is meant to be sung (thus the musical notes). I may have helped him finish the last line.

If you are wondering to what baby is Jude referring, then keep reading.

We also celebrate our own moms who are a long way away. We love and miss them often, yet we are so thankful that they support us in this work even though it means we’ve taken their grandkids to the other side of the globe. We love you, mom (yes, both of you)!

Grandma Debi traveled all the way to the jungle to visit us in 2019.

Grandma Mary joined us for a short break in Australia in 2020, just days before the Lord used COVID-19 to close the world.

And this Mother’s Day is extra special because this week we were able to take a quick helicopter flight to a mission clinic to get an ultrasound of our new baby. Cassidy is 12-weeks pregnant and both her and the baby are doing great, though you can pray that the nausea and tiredness that comes with the first trimester (and beyond sometimes) would subside soon.

Baby Cann. Coming November 2021.

Above all, we thank the Lord, who gives life and breath to everyone—whether mother or child. We are so thankful for Cassidy and that the Lord has given her to our family. We are thankful that God has given us two sweet boys, who are healthy and strong. We thank the Lord for the two babies we never got to meet, who died long before childbirth. And we know the Lord is near to those who have lost children or who have been unable to have children. For those who feel like the suffering of Mother’s Day overshadows the celebrations, there is an excellent sermon that John Piper preached two decades ago today called “To Be A Mother is a Call to Suffer” in which he highlights God’s miraculous providence over our sufferings. It is one of the few sermons I have listened to more than once.

As I think of my own mom and Cassidy, I am amazed at how they serve the Lord with gladness even when “the spark of faith is slight and does not make the darkness bright.”1 God is wonderful and all-powerful, and these mamas trust Him. That is perhaps the highest praise I can offer a mom on this Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day, Cassidy Cann!

1This brilliant poetic line comes from John Piper, The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God.

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