This is a big week in surveys.

Today, we take a PMV(Public Motor Vehicle, PNG’s equivalent to a bus) to Ukurumpa, a six hour trip, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will take a helicopter to more language groups in the Finisterre Mountains, and Friday we will take a PMV back home.

What with the helicopter, there will probably be a lot less hiking on this trip! We’ll be talking to village leaders, sleeping in huts, trying to find places to land from the air, eating more sweet potatoes and taro, and looking for a place to preach the Gospel.

Please pray for us during this week.  So much is unknown in this trip.  We know very little about these places we are going, Sinsauru and Ufim, which is part of the reason why we are going: to find out if these could be the places where we could go and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Please pray for wisdom on this trip, clarity of speech in Tok Pisin, safety, grace for our wives as we are away again for five days(hopefully!) this time.

If we are successful, we will find a place where the people need to hear the gospel and where we will move our two families, build houses, learn a new language, and where, eventually, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached. 

More pictures from our last survey trip.. .



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