Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

Missionary in training at Grace Bible Church

On Saturday we had the opportunity to get some VERY helpful medical training from Jacob Hantla, Dr. Mike Fucci, his lovely and SUPER knowledgable wife Lynn, and Aaron Whitley.

Our time started off with a lecture (more of a discussion – if you know our team, you know we like to discuss things…) on head-to-toe: “What might go wrong with someone’s body”. We talked through symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments of everything from appendicitis to cellulitis. It was a helpful discussion of “what to treat with the meds we will send you with”, “what to get medical evacuation for” and “how to know the difference” :)

After that, we had lab! Out came the pig’s feet, needles, scalpels, sutures, and tools. We all practiced injecting lidocaine (we practiced with water) for numbing, and then stitching the poor pigs up. Once we were comfortable (comfortable?) with stitches, we learned about IVs. We learned how to start a saline drip and how to put a catheter into a vein.

This training was beyond what I expected and helpful in so many ways. All 6 of us came away feeling much more prepared to handle minor medical issues for our families and perhaps some in the tribe. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Fucci, Lynn, Jacob, and Aaron!

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