Missionary Aviation Fellowship


Another Supply Run in the Books


And We’re Back

The first supply run is coming!


The Big Day!

This is it! In just an hour, our little MAF Cessna will carry us, then our food and luggage, to the nearest airstrip to Mibu. My stomach is churning… excited to begin seeing Mibu friends that we left 9 months ago, anticipating first hand reports of the life of the churches, and hearing of new marriages, new births, and the loss of a few friends who have passed away while we were gone.

And we will have PLENTY of time to listen! We will be dropped off on the airstrip, if all goes well, by 8am. That gives us just 10 ½ hours to try and make up and down the mountains to Mibu before dark. We are not sure if we may have to stop and sleep somewhere on the way, but our hope is to make it in one day – before our legs can cramp up from laying down all night on the floor of a hut.

We ask you to keep us in your prayers over the next 24 hours! Not just that we reach our goal in a day, but that our first interactions along the long trail will be sweet, and that we will not let exhaustion mar the joy of reuniting with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for our strength over this long hike. Pray for mental clarity and the will to fight discouragement. And most of all, may we glorify God with this day.