The man urged Paul, “Come to Macedonia to help us.” – Acts 16:9b

A believer from the neighboring Mina dialect hiked to Mibu to tell me about a conversation he had with an older man from the neighboring Ngaing language. The man from Ngaing told how he had heard the story of how the Word of God first came to Mibu, and then went out into the Mina language. He went on to talk about how he really wants to hear the message, too. He said…

“I only know a few words in the Mina language. If I go there to hear the message, I’ll miss most of what’s being said. So, I gave up and just waited, hoping…. I’ve been listening expectantly for a report but I haven’t heard even the slightest whisperings that the message will come down here. So, I was thinking to myself. ‘Okay, whenever the message comes, it comes. But! One thing is, if I wait all the way until my death, what then? What will happen to me? And all the other old people here, if they wait and wait, and then they die without hearing the message, then what? I’m very worried about that.’”

Would you pray with us for this man and the Ngaing language group? There is so much work to do, and too few to do it.

If you know anyone that is interested in missions, but looking for a place to go minister, please put them in touch with us! There are at least 99 Gospel destitute tribal groups in the Finisterre Mountains, and our hearts break for the many grandfathers, mothers, children, fathers and grandmothers who are still waiting to hear.

If you would like a list of the groups so that you can pray for them, please write and ask!