Cameron Dodd

Cameron Dodd

missionary in training at Grace Bible Church

Last weekend, our team went up to a cabin that some friends of ours graciously let us borrow for one purpose: team bonding. We had an agenda–not in the sneaky, spy sense of the word–but an actual typed up agenda, courtesy of our logistics coordinator, Jeremy.

We got to talk through things like whether or not our logistics coordinators should go before us to Papua New Guinea or whether we should all go together. If they go first, they might be able to set up housing for us and get a vehicle and other critical components of living in a third world country–if they have enough time there before we get there. But if our work visas don’t come back soon, we would arrive very shortly after them and they would have had to have made the long journey alone whilst juggling three kids and at least twelve bags.

We talked about how we each parent. Here in the States, parenting differences aren’t always such a big deal. Sure, you might leave a play date with raised eyebrows or a sigh of relief, but typically you leave their parenting there. Not so where we’re headed. Our parenting-the way we talk to our kids, discipline our kids, love our kids–will be on constant display.

We worked through fears we have, questions we have, concerns we have; excitements we share, hopes we share, and the lives we will share. And in between conversations, there was ping pong, horseshoes, and the classic game of spoons.

This was not some master-planned, HR-approved team building event. There were no trust falls, no blindfolded walks, or obstacle courses.

But somewhere in the midst of cooking meals together, playing games, taking turns holding a baby, and talking about the future, our mission for the weekend was accomplished.

We are privileged to have such a group of people with whom we get to go to PNG and give glory to God for the way He has brought us all together. There are still many unknowns for all of us at this point, but we are confident that the God who has led us straight and steady thus far will not abandon us now or ever in the future.

No matter how our circumstances may flex and flux, that fact–guaranteed when He gave His own Son to die because of our sins–never will.

If you want to see more of the team God has blessed us with, check out the video below that a very talented friend of our shot recently. It explains in about nine minutes who we are and what we aim to do in Papua New Guinea.

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