Zach Cann

Zach Cann

Missionary in training at Grace Bible Church

As we’ve prepared for going to Papua New Guinea, I have been amazed at all the people who have served us sacrificially in order to send us well. To give you an idea about how amazing this has been, here are my Thanksgiving thank yous to the many who have given of their time, talents, money, and energy to help us bring news of Jesus Christ to the nations. I wish this could be a complete list of thanks, but time, space, and my memory will undoubtedly limit its scope.

Thank you, first and last, to God, who sent his only son, Jesus, to die in the place of his enemies, so that all who believe might be saved from judgement and have eternal life with him. Without this good news, there would be no mission.

Thank you to Cassidy, my love, for all that you do to love and care for me (and our boys). You have helped me keep the vision for what we are going to do in Papua New Guinea and how such service is worth it in light of eternity.

Thank you to Bruce and Mary, who prayed that I would love God, believe in Jesus, and desire to see his name proclaimed to the ends of the earth. Thank you to Bruce, Mary, Jon, Leanna, Carolyn, Esther, Emma, Dale, Patty, Pat, Sue, Grandma and Grandpa Cann, Grandma and Grandpa Wehling, Susan, Mouyyed, Jenny, Tony, Karen, David, Linda, Harry, Sandy, and Steve for your love and support over the years and for being willing to let us take Jude and Oliver (your great-grandkids, grandkids, cousins, nephews) to the other side of the world.

Thank you to Debi and Bob for letting me marry your daughter and for allowing us to live out what we believe on the other side of the world. Thank you to Debi, Bill, Bob, Milena, Ace, Lexy, Luna, Michael, Lauren, Taylor, Emilia, Billy, Lucy, Brad, Eilene, Shawn, Kim, Sandy, Gram, Pop-Pop, and Gigi for supporting us and loving us in so many ways and for being willing to let us take Jude and Oliver (your great-grandkids, grandkids, cousins, nephews) to the other side of the world.

Thank you to Matt, Cameron, Jeremy, and Lorie for being our teammates and friends. Thank you for being willing to take your kids and travel to the other side of the globe with us. We are so glad to not have to go alone. Thank you to Mike and Pam for wanting to head up the much need work of a Finisterre Tok Pidgin translation.

Thank you to Scott, Tom, and Smedly for giving so much of your time, wisdom, and resources to train and disciple our team.

Thank you to Wycliffe Bible Translators and the team at Canada Institute of Linguistics for giving us much needed training in how to learn unwritten, tribal languages.

Thank you to Mike and the rest of the leadership at Crossway Community Church in Bristol for generously supporting us in our linguisitcs training in Vancouver. Thank you to Brian for your many encouraging phone calls and emails during our season of support raising.

Thank you to Jonathan and Brianna, David and Lea, Steve and Sandy, Ace and Lexy for hosting us on our way to Canada.

Thank you to Jeff for designing our house, putting all the supply lists together, and helping us buy our kitchen.

Thank you to Steve for hosting many house-building meetings, for coordinating all our shipping to PNG, and for giving us the metal roofing for our houses.

Thank you to Bryan for helping us get affordable solar panels.

Thank you to the Tech Team at New Tribes Mission for helping us piece together all the components for our solar electric system.

Thank you to Nick for helping us get affordable plumbing supplies.

Thank you to George for letting us use your storage space and moving trailer.

Thank you to Kelly for helping us get affordable countertops.

Thank you to Russ and Ashley, Travis and Sarah, Omri and Emily, Bruce and Mary, Alex and Erica, Jeff and Lorie, Sue and Dave, Tom and Suzanne, Reed, Carolyn, Elli, Cameron, Esther, Emma, Abby, Augustine, and Chloe for being on our Missionary Support Team. Thanks to Russ for humbly leading. Thanks to Travis and Sarah for handling our finances. Thank you to Jeff and Lorie for always hosting.

Thank you to Jon and Leanna for hosting us during our stay in Ohio. Thank you to Josiah and Jen, Mark and Lauren, Kent and Heather for encouraging us during our support dinner there. Thank you to Tod and Patti for taking us out to an encouraging lunch our last day there. Thank you to all at New Wine Covenant Community Church for letting us share our vision with you and for keeping us in your prayers.

Thank you to Brian, Tyler, and Reed for offering to help at every opportunity and for letting us benefit from the use of your trailer, your box-lifting strength, your organization, and your wisdom.

Thank you to Mike, Lynn, Jacob, Kiki, and Aaron for giving us medical training and supplies.

Thank you to Trevor for building our website.

Thank you Cary and Renee for taking good care of our cars for the past two years!

Thank you to Jeff and Lorie for letting us live with you (and everything else involved with that!).

Thank you to Tim, Ron, Mardette, Naomi, Paul, J.R., Terri, and to the rest of the team at Camelback Bible Church who have prayerfully sent us.

Thank you to Scott and Sarah for your wisdom regarding parenting and homeschooling.

Thank you to Steve for leading our small group. Thank you to our small group for caring for us in the send-off season.

Thank you to Mary, Kim, Ingrid, and Lorie for watching our kids while we packed up storage bins and organized storage units.

Thank you to the Roberts for watching our kids for dates and all the kiddos of Team PNG for our medical training day.

Thank you to Geoff and Shannon, Joe and Heather, Laurens (and others) who have given us so much advice about living in Papua New Guinea.

Thank you to Bob, Eli, Cleiton, and the rest of the Harvest Staff world-wide, who have encouraged and equipped us.

Thank you to the Wellspring ladies for creating activity bags for our kids to play with on the long flights.

Thank you to our 72 monthly supporters! We are incredibly grateful to all of you for making it possible for us to live and work on the other side of the globe.

Thank you to those of you who have served us in such a way that I have no idea what you’ve done on our behalf. And thank you to those of you who I failed to mention here. The oversight is probably due to my poor memory. May God reward you for the sacrifice you’ve made in secret.

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