The Choice

I walked in on a conversation the other morning that sent my hopes soaring. I had gone down to Mibu early before teaching and stopped by my friend Sesi’s house. When I got to the doorway of his hut, I could hear lots of people talking. When I called out, they invited me in. About a dozen people were sitting around the fire pit earnestly discussing recent events in light of what they were learning in the Bible lessons! This, of course, put a smile on my face!

The village was being threatened with sorcery by the local delinquent. He took the credit for the most recent death which he said happened by his power (the man died of TB), and said another 51 people would soon die if his demands were not met. The demand being a wife… Of course, nobody wants to give up their sister or niece or daughter to such a fate, but there was more to it than that. Now more than ever their old beliefs are in direct conflict with what they are being taught in the Bible lessons. As I sat in Sesi’s hut listening to men telling each other that sorcery has no power over them, and that they should not give in to his demands because they believe what God is saying now, my stomach did flip-flops. This is it! This is what it’s all about! Even where they are at now, not even knowing who the promised deliverer will be, they are choosing to side with what they know about God and His Word and His power!

They asked for my opinions, but I told them that I talk all the time, and to keep on in their discussion. Truth is, I wanted to just listen. To hear our friends siding with God even when it goes against everything else they have ever learned… I will never forget the moment. When it was time for us to go down to begin teaching, I left by adding this thought. I held up a flashlight very, very close to the page of a book. Just a sliver of light showed around edge. “This,” I said, “is the small amount of light or understanding that has been given to you by the teaching of God’s Word. You are choosing to trust in it, to believe it, and God will give you more light. And more. As you choose to put your belief in Him, He will increase your light (as I held the flashlight gradually farther from the page.)

To those of you sharing in the journey with us, let us praise God! We are not yet to the crux of mankind’s salvation, but they are allowing what they are hearing to permeate their lives and thinking. If they will just continue to choose believe the truth, it WILL set them free!!

1 Thes 1:9 “…and how you turned to God from idols to serve a living and true God.”

For His Glory,