Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

sent out by Grace Bible Church to logistically support church planters

In Scripture, Paul regularly uses the human body as an illustration for the body of Christ – Just have a read through 1 Corinthians 12:14-26, or Ephesians 4:11-12. I was thinking it would be helpful to apply the “body” illustration to Finisterre Vision; our Church Planting mission organization.

The human body works seamlessly when all its various parts are functioning correctly. In fact, no one even thinks about their body when everything is fine. We simply enjoy life and go about our day. But, our bodies are not always that way.

I remember straining a tendon or ligament in my shoulder two years ago. that injury was limited to one location of weakness, but it touched every other part of my body. The change forced my left hand to carry more weight, and it was awkwardly done because it was not balanced. Wow, I never realized how awkward the word awkward is to spell. Anyway, my legs had to deal with the misalignment as well, and I could not lift items over my head.

Over the next few weeks, my body learned to get by with the injury, but everything was substantially affected. My productivity dropped from what it has been, and my mind was regularly distracted with the problem. That injury, isolated to my shoulder, effected everything else. Such is the organizational body of Church Planting in Papua New Guinea.

Tying it together

Our organizational body is made up of Churches, Church Planters, Trainers, Administrators, Translators, and a Logistics Coordinator. I know that’s really general, but it gives you the idea. If our goal is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to remote people groups throughout the Finisterre Mountains of PNG, then each “part” is absolutely necessary.

Imagine Zach Cann telling me to teach Chronologically through the Bible in the nDo language. Or, me telling Zach to deposit his supporter’s checks himself here in the USA. Both ideas are ridiculous, and that’s the point. Both roles are part of one organizational body, each dependent on the other to function smoothly – and both must be supported to maintain this critical work.

What a joy it is to know that our new administrative/training role, just like our church planters, is critical. Praise God for such an opportunity. I’m not sure which part of the body I would be in the illustration, (just use your imagination), but I know my involvement makes Church Planting more effective. It helps everyone move the ball further down the field toward the goal – winning souls to Christ in the Finisterre Mountains of PNG.