Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

Jeremy and Lorie Lehman

sent out by Grace Bible Church to logistically support church planters

Timba bilong haus bilong Dodds na Canns (The wood for the Cann’s and Dodd’s house)

I had the opportunity to visit a large wood yard last week.  A friend named Laurens is my contact for this wood yard.  His family used to live in the house we lease in Madang.  He has been an invaluable resource for my family as well as the rest of our team on the logistical/resources side.

From what we heard and now are starting to see, the termites  In light of this we decided not to import Douglas fur (pine) from the States.  We will be using a local wood called Kwila.  It is a hardwood that is harvested and milled in the bush, then moved down the Ramu River to the wood yard.  This wood resists termites better than softwood like Pine.

Laurens told me my contact at the yard was a man named Bernie.  He gave me a tour of the yard and explained that they could cut the wood to any size we needed.  They also have barges and may be able to send our completed wood order to an access point on the coast of the Finisterre Mountains so it can be flown into the tribe when house-building time is close.

This trip to the yard was encouraging.  We have been planning our departure and arrival in PNG for sometime and now I was standing in the wood yard for house building preparation.  It was great showing Lorie and the team the photos from the yard.  Everyone was excited to see the pictures as well as revel in how God has brought us thus far.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is just that much closer to the Finis   Who would have thought waling a yard full of timber would have anything to do with that?