Saturday was our weekly ladies’ meeting, then Sunday was the second lesson in 1 Corinthians. We’ve stayed happily busy  meeting with different believers one-on-one, having lots of dinners together with our co-workers, having little Skyler and Maddie over to play (and give their parents a break), packing what we’ll bring home from our house here, and all the regular cooking, cleaning, Bible lesson writing, etc. Shiloh is in charge of laundry this summer, Marietta in charge of the baking, and Solomon making lunches. It is all a big help to our family, as well as some practical skill building. 🙂

On Saturday we all five headed down to the village for the weekly ladies meeting. We had heard rumors of some volleyball and basketball going on, as well as the usual boys’ pick-up game of soccer.
However, most of the village was gone down to the coast, carrying their cash crop – 50 lb bags of fresh coffee to sell. They had hoped to leave Tuesday and be back by Saturday, but it rained all day long Tuesday, so couldn’t leave till Wednesday. Most everyone was back in time for church, but not for the Saturday games.

It was truly wonderful to be sitting in a hut again with six or seven Mibu ladies and Shannon as we met. They had a lesson in child training with some discussion afterwards. Almost as thrilling as seeing the ladies exhort and encourage one another about raising their children was seeing the ladies practice their reading after the meeting. Most of these ladies were in my literacy class last year, and when I left, were competent but very, very slow readers. What a difference! They have been faithfully practicing with Shannon and each other this year, and it shows!! To be able to study the Bible each day on their own – what an indescribable gift! And for the children they are shepherding to see their mothers working so hard to learn so that they can read God’s word for themselves… what a testimony.

What a joy, also, to sit and pray together for the needs of the community. For Ato, still teaching school in the next door language group with the purpose of reaching the children and their parents for Christ! And for other villages nearby to be ready to receive the gospel when it comes.
For those who are sick, for all the mothers currently expecting babies (a lot right now!), for the school children, and for our family’s safe trip from America and hiking in. How humbling to sit with these precious tribal ladies, hearing them beseech God for my own family, and praising Him for bringing us back here.

Prayer requests and praises for this week:
– Praise, another Bible teacher from the Mina area has gone home to heaven to be with God forever. How amazing it is to picture Him face to face with Jesus. Pray for his family, as they will miss his presence.
– Praise for a Mibu Bible teacher who was asked to step out of ministry a year ago as church discipline, who has repented and cannot stop sharing the love of Jesus with visitors coming through. Praise to God for the wisdom, gentleness and patience of the church leaders, who want to pursue reinstating him publically into ministry, and have decided to give it six months that can move ahead carefully and with assurance. What a joy to hear of this and just be able to back them completely in their decision.
-Pray for their ongoing testimony to the other language groups they will be in contact with on the coast as they go down to sell their coffee.
Their testimony has been strong, pray that these other language groups will have hearts prepared to hear the gospel when it finally comes to them.
-Pray for our hearts and our time here. Please continue to pray that we can make the most of every opportunity, because the days are quickly flying by!
-Praise for Shiloh’s 15th birthday this weekend, July 3rd. Pray that we can continue to communicate how truly she is loved.

Thank you!!!
Much love,
Shiloh (14.99), Marietta (13), Solomon (11)