Ups and Downs in Mibuland

We just arrived back in Mibu after going out for our yearly school testing.  The kids did well, which gives us the courage to keep plugging away at home schooling, even if we’re only parents, not teachers!  🙂  It does seem like we’ve been gone more than home lately.  Our whole family spent two weeks over on the island of New Britain attending a translation workshop.  We learned a lot, and really enjoyed getting to know some of the missionaries who work in the islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea.  Our kids loved the time spent with the other missionary kids there (they love ANY time spent with other MK’s!!)

The day we returned from testing, the Mibus were able to use a helicopter supply shuttle to also fly in Sivi, who has been very sick and was in the little clinic on the coast in Saidor.  He is dying from meningitis (a severe complication from malaria) and his family wanted him home to finish looking after him and bury him  here.  It has been hard for all of us to see him like this; but the Mibu church is rallying around him and praying with him and his family.

We had a communion service on the Thursday before Easter, that was led completely by the Mibu leaders.  It is so refreshing to see them so thankful for the eternal life they have been promised.  We worshipped together while Keteng led us through the story of the last supper.  After the communion service, worship continued through the evening and went all the way until the next morning!

We have been so encouraged with the evidence of God working in their lives.  He is working in our lives, too, and teaching us so much.  Thank you for your love and prayers for all of us!