Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and our transition back to the USA for our furlough.  God listens to His children’s prayers!  We are so thankful that not only is our family adjusting well to the change of scenery (and weather!!), but good things are happening!

Since being back, we have been able to re-connect (in person!) with many friends and family, and even make some new friends!  And, just for fun, Marietta and Solomon both have learned to swim underwater, Marietta has learned how to ride a bike, and Shiloh is going to school for the first time!  🙂

We are so glad for this six month time-period.  Glad that we are here and able to spend time with people,  and glad that we have some time to let all the language and culture we have been learning in Mibu have a chance to sink in.  It has been so good to be able to step out of what we were learning, and ponder and meditate on the best ways to go about preparing to teach the Bible to our friends in Mibu in a culturally appropriate way.  God knows what we need!

Please continue to pray that our short time here will be effectively spent, and that in our times of sharing our ministry to Sunday School Classes, Small Groups, and to our two other supporting churches in the area, that we would be able to effectively communicate the joys and challenges of the ministry in Mibu, and that God would raise up even more laborers for the work in Papua New Guinea.

Thank you again!
Feel free to reply and keep in touch – we have the same email address here as before!

Love in Christ,
J&B (&sms)