Cassidy Cann

Cassidy Cann

sent out by Grace Bible Church to plant churches among the Ndo people

The picture above is from this morning as Zach set out on a hike to a village called Sorikiri. Two men came a few weeks ago asking if Zach could come to their village for the opening of a new primary school; this is a great opportunity for Zach to spend time with people who speak Ndo, but have only heard rumors about us. As Zach wrote in his blog, Myth Busting, any time he can meet people in person to make friends and explain the real reason we are here, the less opportunity for false rumors.

So Zach left this morning and I have gotten calls from him on the way. They hiked 12 hours and are now in a warm hut with nourishing food. The plan was to return Sunday, but his companions are hinting that they might prefer to split the hike in half and return on Monday.

All in all, we are doing well! Our family has been preparing our houses, our minds, and our friends for our departure from the village. We leave in 10 days.

The kids are excited, but mainly because they know traveling means they get to eat treats. Neither really remember the US, so I am getting questions like, “Are we going to be staying at the Ukarumpa Guesthouse or…?” and “But is there ice cream in America?”. They have no idea! “Yes, there are entire stores devoted to buying and eating ice cream.”

Anyhoo – here are some recent pictures and videos.

This is us cleaning our water tank – the lid was pretty bad and we had mosquitos inside. Always a fun water day for the kids:

Jude is reading all the time now, and has started reading the bible his Aunt Sandy bought and sent him:

Jude and Knox had a race to finish their first year of math. Wow, does this boy love competition! When they finished, they sent pics to each other of themselves with the certificates:

Today, our next door neighbor Yasi brought a 4 inch long grasshopper to show the boys. It flew and landed on me at one point and I did scream:

And a couple videos. Here are the boys with a friend singing a kid’s song:

And, for those who want to spend a little more time, this is a video I took of Oliver all the way back in December where I ask him what he wants to do when we go to America:

Interview with Oliver

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